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Affordable Upgrades: Kitchen Refinishing

For the kitchen, bathroom, and throughout the home, cabinetry refinishing can provide a dramatic, instant update.  At Pat’s Custom Cabinetry, we are kitchen refinishing experts, with a growing reputation in Temecula, CA, and throughout San Diego County. We leave tired, dated wood finishes completely transformed, giving you a kitchen or powder room you’ll be proud to show off to friends and family.

Kitchen refinishing - white cabinets

Patrick Wehr and his crew offer a full range of popular furniture-grade refinishing options, including translucent stains to highlight natural wood grain and fine-quality, opague paint colors. A unique, custom finish can be blended to match your décor or add a striking contrast to your floor and countertops. Patrick also creates antiqued, faux or distressed looks using hand-glazing techniques. If you would like to schedule an appointment and receive a personalized bid, please contact us today.

Modern Kitchen Refinishing Techniques

At Pat’s Custom Cabinetry,  we use the best quality, two-part conversion varnish available on the market, for a finish known to offer chemical, UV and scratch resistance. Your finished cabinets will be durable, washable, and strikingly beautiful. We offer all the most current cabinetry finishes including shades of grey, white, cream, dark black/brown, and multi-toned looks. We can provide tone-on-tone shading or simulate wood grain with a faux finish.

Our artisan glazing process adds depth to color, creating interesting nuances or hues of antiquity in the nooks and crannies. Customers are thrilled with our work — as you can see from our numerous Yelp and Angie’s List reviews.

About the Process

Our kitchen cabinet refinishing process is a multi-step procedure, involving repeated cycles of sanding and color coat application. These time-tested techniques ensure the best coverage and adhesion and provide a gleaming finish that looks and feels as smooth as glass.

First, the crew removes doors and drawers from the existing cabinetry and transfers them to Temecula wine country headquarters. The wood is deep cleaned and prepped prior to beginning a four-step sanding and product application cycle. The procedures vary depending upon the customer’s choice of wood stain or opague color finish.

For natural-looking wood stain, sanding is alternated with two vinyl sealer coats and two clearcoat varnish applications. Depending upon the desired effect, color may be added to one or more of the products to transform the look of the wood. For example, an original light oak color can be turned into a deep red-brown, simulating the appearance of cherry-wood.

For bright white, rich gray and other solid-color shades, the process includes two coats of primer followed by two coats of color varnish. Hand glazing to create a variety of popular special effects, including antiquing and faux finish, is done by Patrick exclusively.

The crew then returns to the client’s home to work on the frames, sanding, masking and spray painting for a perfect match. To complete the process, the doors are reinstalled, and hardware pulls and handles are secured.

Schedule an Appointment

In addition to kitchen refinishing, Pat’s Custom Cabinetry offers refacing services and custom carpentry. Many refinish clients have need for simple tweaks in their cabinetry, such as installation of new hinges, shelving and small structural changes, and we can provide this and more. If desired, Patrick can build you a whole new kitchen. To schedule an appointment for your project, please call (951) 972-6284 or contact us online today.