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Transform Outdated Oak with Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing by Patrick WehrReplacing oak cabinetry with an updated look tops the wish list for many people seeking to remodel an older home. Oak kitchens were standard construction in the 80’s and 90’s, but these cabinets now look dull, grain-heavy, and uninspired. To erase an unwanted grain pattern and achieve today’s popular, smoother surfaces, cabinet refacing is an effective technique. Temecula, CA, kitchen contractor Patrick Wehr offers refinishing and refacing services that can transform your  kitchen, bathroom, and more.

At Pat’s Custom Cabinetry, we can help you turn an eyesore into the pride and centerpiece of your home.  Refacing eliminates distracting texture and provides the gleaming, painted (or stained) finish of your choice. What’s more, refacing allows you to keep existing cabinet structures to avoid unecessary spending on brand new cabinetry and countertops.

About Cabinet Refacing

Standard kitchen refinishing processes cannot entirely mask the appearance of underlying oak grain. With cabinet refacing, doors and drawer fronts are replaced, and your existing cabinet boxes (frames, side and end panels) are covered with matching wood veneers. All exterior surfaces are visually transformed to give you the look you desire.

Refacing customers can select from several species of wood to redo cabinetry. Your best choice depends upon your chosen finish — paint or stain.

The most commonly used options for refacing projects include:

Maple – A tight-grained wood, maple provides a beautifully clear finish for white and other painted colors.

Alder – Alder accepts a wide variety of stains readily, and is great for a natural wood stain finish.

Cherry – Known for a beautiful, subtle grain pattern, cherry provides a classic, elegant appearance.

Hickory – Hickory is the hardest of the woods, accepts stain well, and is ideal for a natural finish or rustic look.

The Refacing Process

From start to finish, cabinet refacing usually takes about three weeks. You can expect to retain full use of your kitchen and home for most of this time period. The bulk of the work, finishing new doors and drawer fronts, takes place offsite, in our Temecula shop.

Our cabinet refacing process is completed with the following steps:

  1. Wood and finish are selected and materials are ordered
  2. Existing doors and cabinet moldings are removed
  3. Hand-cut veneers are applied to cabinet boxes with contact cement adhesive
  4. New doors, drawer fronts, and moldings are stained or painted
  5. Kitchen is masked and veneered cabinets are finished to match doors and drawers
  6. New doors/drawers are installed
  7. Complimentary install of pre-purchased knobs and/or handles completes the project

A Refacing Alternative: Cabinet Resurfacing

An additional technique offered by Pat’s Custom Cabinetry, resurfacing can be a cost-effective alternative to cabinet refacing for some homeowners. Resurfacing entails concealing unwanted grain with one or more materials, such as bondo, wood filler or spackling compound. The multi-step process of filling and hand-sanding effectively mutes the appearance of the wood grain, creating a smoother surface for paint application.

Patrick has perfected the cabinet resurfacing technique, achieving results many other wood-working professionals cannot duplicate. While not 100 percent invisible, the wood grain will be much less noticeable after this process. The addition of brand new doors and drawer fronts completes the transformation,  providing an end result that exceeds expectations for many customers.

Refresh Timeworn Cabinetry

Cabinet refacing is an optimal way to give your home a modernizing facelift without the expense of a brand new custom kitchen. The cost savings may allow you to expand your remodeling plans, refacing all your cabinetry to refresh your whole home.

Pat’s Custom Cabinetry is known for exquisite work for cabinet refinishing, refacing and custom builds. We are now also offering a line of fine import cabinetry customized and installed. A look at our many five-star Angie’s List and Yelp reviews tells the full story – you can trust Patrick and his team to deliver your dream kitchen!

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